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    St Kateri Catholic Church in Dearborn Michigan St of michigan St of michigan ST KATERI CHURCH 16101 Rotunda DriveDearborn, MI 48120 BOOK & GIFT SHOP Open weekends before & after Masses Fridays during Lent from 12:30 – 7:00pm MARCH 6, ASH WEDNESDAY: Masses 9:00 am, Noon & 5:00 pm WEEKEND MASSES: Saturday 4:00PM Sunday 9:00AM & 11:00AM WEEKDAYS: Tuesday Adoration 4:00PM – 6:30PM Wednesday – Friday Mass 9:00AM FRIDAYS OF LENT: Stations of the Cross 1:00PM & 7:00PM Adoration 1:30PM – 7:00PM PRIVATE CONFESSIONS: Saturday 3:00PM MARCH16, IRISH STEW DINNER: 5:00PM Tickets sold at door COMMUNAL …
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    Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates in Augusta, GA, Wirefly Affordable auto insurance augusta ga Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates in Augusta, GA Enter ZIP Code to Get Insurance Quotes Now Compare Augusta, GA Auto Insurance Quotes Having trouble sifting through various sites to compare auto insurances rates in Augusta, GA? Wirefly is here to help! Wirefly’s mission is to provide a stress-free experience for those seeking affordable car insurance. Law mandates in most states demand that all vehicles should be insured. If a driver does not have the proper policy they need, they can wind up burdened when an issue arises. Since …
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    Current news in the economy Video
    Useful lessons from Venezuela – s crumbling populist economy: Don Pittis, CBC News Current news in the economy Useful lessons from Venezuela’s crumbling populist economy: Don Pittis Social Sharing Not ideology but, rather, destruction of institutions led to country’s current hopeless state In an era of polarized politics, the reaction last week when Canada’s Special Envoy to Myanmar Bob Rae tweeted about Venezuela, should not have been a surprise. On the face of it, the tweet by Rae, who was interim leader of the federal Liberals and the only provincial New Democratic Party leader to ever become premier of Ontario, …
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    New york and new jersey / Video
    Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey and New York are careening off a progressive cliff – Washington Times New york and new jersey ‘The four states of the apocalypse’ ANALYSIS/OPINION: “This is the flip side (of) tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. The rich leave, and now what do you do?” — Andrew M. Cuomo, N.Y. governor (2/4/19) After the Trump tax cut went into effect one year ago. we predicted that the Trump tax reform would supercharge the national economy but could cause big financial problems for the five highest-tax states: California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey and New …
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